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Our technicians who handle geothermal conductivity testing have extensive experience in the process.

Many property owners are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact without sacrificing their indoor comfort. One option to consider is a geothermal heating and cooling system, which can supply your living space with heated and cooled air. Geothermal energy uses the consistent temperatures in the earth’s crust to cool down hot water that comes through loops installed as part of the system. These pipe loops carry the water from a designated source around the HVAC unit that heats and cools your home and to the destination, which might be back into the loop, another well, or the surface of the ground.

Geothermal Conductivity Testing in Yadkin County, North Carolina

Using a geothermal HVAC system is a great way to reduce environmental impact while maintaining a comfortable indoor atmosphere in your home. At Yadkin Well Company, we can help make it happen. We’re a trusted geothermal contractor offering service to properties located throughout Yadkin County, North Carolina. Before we can install a geothermal system on your property, we need to perform geothermal conductivity testing. This important step in the process allows us to determine how well the area distributes the heat that goes into it.

When performing geothermal conductivity testing, we can accurately calculate the proper depth and length for the loops in the system. We’ll also use our findings to determine what type of loops to install. Our technicians who handle geothermal conductivity testing have extensive experience in the process and can determine how to design and install the system to maximize your benefits. Contact us to request more information or schedule this service on your property.

At Yadkin Well Company, we offer geothermal conductivity testing in Yadkin County, Yadkinville, Ashe County, Surry County, Iredell County, Davie County, Forsyth County, Stokes County, Dobson, Mount Airy, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Hickory, Charlotte, Mooresville, Lenoir, Wilkesboro, Statesville, Raleigh, Durham, and Wilkes County, North Carolina.