Common Well Emergencies and What to Do About Them

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If your home or business gets its water from a well, it’s important to learn how to recognize signs of well problems. Our team at Yadkin Well Company has extensive experience in well drilling, maintenance, and repair, and we want to help you keep your well in excellent condition. In this article, we’ll go over a few of the most common well emergencies we are called on to deal with, and we’ll offer advice on what to do about them.

Common Well Emergencies and What to Do About Them

One of the more frequent types of well emergencies is air getting into your pipes. If your faucets start to sputter when you turn them on instead of producing a steady flow of water, then you definitely have a problem on your hands. One way to fix this well problem is to turn on every faucet, showerhead, etc., in your building, starting with the ones nearest to your well and moving to the ones furthest away. Let them run for about ten minutes to force the trapped air out, then turn them off in reverse order. If this doesn’t work, give our team a call right away.

Another variety of well emergencies is sudden reductions in water pressure. If your faucets and showerheads are producing only light streams instead of steady, firm water pressure, then there is likely something wrong with your well or well pump. If you experience a noticeable drop in pressure, simply reach out to our team to have our experts check your system—we’ll quickly identify and correct the problem for you.

A third frequent variety of well emergencies we deal with is sand or sediment entering your water lines. Sometimes, your well pump can start moving sediment from the bottom of the well into your pipes along with water, which can lead to a range of problems.

If you start to experience any of these well emergencies, contact our team for the repair services you need.