Three Tips for Water Well Maintenance

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If you have a water well that provides clean water to your home or business, then you know that its function is important to your daily routines. While most water wells don’t require much in the way of maintenance, there are some important tips that you’ll need to follow so that it operates efficiently for many years to come. Here are three simple water well maintenance tips to follow:

1.  Careful Landscaping – Keeping a well-maintained lawn and garden is an important aspect of property management, but it’s also important to take care around your well area when you are driving, cutting, or mulching. It’s important to avoid causing unintended damage to the well parts or contaminating well water during lawn maintenance.

Three Tips for Water Well Maintenance

2.  Routine Inspections – Good water well maintenance also includes routine inspections of the well, well cap, well pump, and water filters. By checking on these items with regularity and keeping a log of any updates or maintenance items you have completed, you’ll be more likely to prevent problems with your well over time.

3.  Change Water Filter – Another important aspect of water well maintenance is the upkeep of the water filter that keeps the water you use on a daily basis clean and free of potential hazards. You’ll want to follow the recommendations of the filtration system you have installed for cleaning and changing of water well filters throughout the year.

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