Well Drilling for City Properties

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The majority of residential and commercial properties that have a well drilled do so because they are not serviced by a municipal water system. However, even if you do have city water, there are reasons why you might want well drilling to be done anyway. Here are some benefits of having a residential water well even with city water available:

• Health concerns – If you want water that hasn’t been treated with fluoride, chlorine, and other chemicals, well drilling is the solution. You can still use your city water for bathing, laundry, and doing cleaning, but you’ll have a reliable and safe water source for drinking and cooking.

Well Drilling for City Properties

• Reliable – No longer will you need to pay attention to boil advisories when there is a broken main water line that contaminates the water. Instead of waiting for a water line to be repaired, you can resolve issues with your well that come up without delay.
• Save money – Other than a bit of power to operate your well pump, your water is essentially free when you have a well. With utility costs on the rise, the savings could be even greater in the years ahead.
• Safer for the environment – The chemicals in the city water are no better for your landscaping and the earth in general than they are to drink, so going will a well for more than just drinking and cooking can have a positive impact on the environment.

If you would like to learn more about well drilling either for a city property or a rural one, reach out to us at Yadkin Well Company. We have been drilling wells and servicing them since 1964. We are your one-stop resource for enjoying the benefits of having a reliable source of water for your home or business.