When is Deep Rock Well Drilling Necessary?

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When is Deep Rock Well Drilling Necessary?When you are about to have a well drilled on your property, one of the terms you may need to become familiar with is deep rock well drilling. As the name implies, it is a situation where the geology of your property results in the need to dig past rock to get to the water table. While a shallow well may not be possible, the good news is that there is usually a better quality of water when it comes from further below the surface.

Another thing to know about deep rock well drilling is that getting the water up into your structure is done differently too when it is coming from such a deep location. In a deep well, a submersible pump is usually necessary rather than an above-ground shallow well pump. Because it could be a hundred feet or more underground, it is wise to have a high-quality pump installed so that it won’t need to be pulled up and out of the well before long to be repaired or replaced.

As you might have surmised, deep rock well drilling is going to cost more than drilling a shallow well, and it will take longer to accomplish. It isn’t unusual for teams to work into the evening hours if you need the job done as soon as possible.

Whether you need deep well drilling because your property isn’t serviced by city water, to have a secondary water source for irrigation, or to have water that isn’t treated with chlorine or fluoride, reach out to us at Yadkin Well Company. We have been drilling and servicing wells in this area since 1964, and our can-do attitude and experience can overcome even the most complex drilling situations. Contact us today with any questions you might have.