Three Things You Probably Don’t Know About Well Pump Installation

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Three Things You Probably Don’t Know About Well Pump InstallationAt Yadkin Well Company, well pump installation is one of the many services we offer. If you hire us for well pump installation services, expect high-quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

Here are a few things you probably don’t know already about the well pump installation process:

  1. The right size pump is critical — Selecting the right size pump for your well is critical for optimal performance. Your well pump size must match the well’s yield and depth to ensure water is extracted efficiently from your well. An oversized pump can lead to rapid cycling and premature wear, while an undersized pump may struggle to meet the demands of your household.
  2. Depth installation is key — Your well pump needs to be installed at the right depth to ensure its performance. If you set the pump in a spot that is either too deep or too shallow, it can lead to efficiency issues as well as increased energy consumption and potential damage to your pump.
  3. You shouldn’t forget water quality testing — Before the well pump installation process, you need to conduct water quality testing. If your well water contains corrosive elements or high levels of sediment, you may need to take additional measures to protect your pump. These could involve applying a special pump coating or a well screen.

Hire us for well pump installation, and we will make sure we install your new pump correctly to ensure optimal performance. To get an estimate, contact us today!